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Vintage Electric Scrambler Review

Vintage Electric welcomed us out to come see their new contributions for 2019. Among them is the Scrambler, an increasingly rough and ground-breaking cruiser electric bicycle that feels exactly at home on rock as it does asphalt. Hopping directly in, the primary thing anybody sees about Vintage Electric bicycles are the style. It has an extraordinary retro look, like a bistro racer and quite a bit of this is because of cruiser signs in the body line. A great deal of custom parts are here to accomplish this. From the custom stem, crown, handlebars, battery packaging, and on account of the Scrambler, the one of a kind suspension fork… all make it look more like a cruiser than a bicycle. The fork is a rearranged fork, with the goal that implies the 60mm of movement part is let down the fork like a cruiser. This additionally makes it exceptionally solid and strong and I cherish how they even have these calfskin wraps at the highest point of the fork to avert metal on mental contact with the casing when firmly turning. Indeed, even the custom handlebar has the correct scope and curve to feel less like a bike and progressively like a cruiser. It likewise accompanies these incredible cowhide grasps here, extremely a pleasant touch. It's little subtleties like this that let you realize this was rebelliously a reason manufactured arrangement. Proceeding on the quality subject are these 14 gage spokes in the front, 12 gage spokes in the back, and 26" x 2.5" Schwalbe Black Jack nobby tires. There is a ton of weight here, in general the bicycle weighs 86lbs. That might be a great deal, yet it truly fills a need here. The bicycle is able to do some exceptionally high speeds, particularly when opened, so the weight makes higher paces agreeable and safe. Talking about security, you likewise get battery incorporated lights here. Both are incredible with the front serving superbly among structure and capacity. You get a 6 LED yellow front light with wire work for that ideal look and in the back you have 5 LED red lights. In spite of the fact that they are mounted appropriate under the seat, so you could square it with a coat or rucksack. The two lights are programmed which I cherish since they turn on and off in low conditions with no object. Different highlights incorporate metal pedals, back metal bumper (and arrangements in the front to include a front one also), and a kickstand, in spite of the fact that it is mounted close to the wrench arm so you could get pedal lock while turning around.

Driving this bicycle is a gearless, direct drive, center point engine from Crystalyte evaluated from 750 to 3,000 watts. That is a lot higher than the normal electric bicycle which for the most part tops at 500 or 750 watts. It's physically bigger and a lot heavier than a standard gearless or outfitted center engine at ~16 lbs, however it's excessively sturdy and staggeringly calm. Typically it is appraised for 20mph, yet for $149, you can get a key to open the engine and get it up to close 36mph! I never felt like the bicycle was attempting to enable me to climb, and it takes off so smooth with the variable speed trigger throttle or discretionary torque-detecting pedal help. I would most likely skip on the pedal help except if your hands and right thumb are touchy to coming to and pushing a trigger throttle arrangement. That is on the grounds that, it very well may be hard to pedal past 15 mph without the single-speed getting outpaced. I felt most happy with accelerating around 10 mph. There are advantages to having only one speed be that as it may, including decreased weight, longer administration interims, no bob or chain slap, and a cleaner cockpit without shifter systems. In the event that getting up to speed is critical to you, at that point halting must be similarly coordinated… particularly with a bigger, heavier stage like the Scrambler. The bicycle accompanies wonderful pressure driven Promax Lucid circle brakes. I state delightful, on the grounds that the switches are silver to coordinate the bar, situate post, and different accents. Each switch has an apparatus free flexible achieve handle enabling you to acquire them close, which could be valuable in the event that you have littler hands or like to ride with gloves. The rotors are not coordinated, the front is extra-enormous at 203mm (as you would see on a declining trail blazing bicycle) while the back is 180mm. Most preventing force originates from the front brake at any rate, and it will cool quicker and giving a more noteworthy mechanical preferred position… it worked extraordinary during my tests. The Promax arrangement here is savvy regenerative breaking, implying that it will never overload or harm the battery. It works pleasantly and you get more power back than with different ebikes since this is heavier and offers all the more moving obstruction.

The battery (alongside the controller) is housed in the huge packaging in the center. This packaging is defensive and even IP evaluated for water and residue security. The battery is greatly huge at 48v 23.5ah, just about an unbelievable blend in the customary ebike world. This will offer fabulous range in the ordinary modes and on the off chance that you open the bicycle to higher top speed, will in any case give you respectable range to have some good times, as opposed to simply single digit miles that the other quicker bicycles would do. The battery weight is superbly situated, and the battery itself is removable… . On the off chance that you figure out how to get all the packaging off… Honestly, it is a ton of work and nearly no one is going to expel the battery, so we will simply say that while truly, it is conceivable, you will probably be keeping the battery on the bicycle consistently. This can be irritating for specific suburbanites that need to bring the battery inside to charge it. Since you will charge on the bicycle itself, you will utilize the charging port at the base of the packaging. Tragically, this is put close to the wrench arm, so be mindful so as not to knock the bicycle while charging, you dont need the pedals acting as a burden and tearing that line. To truly think about this and other lithium-particle packs, I have heard that putting away in a cool dry area versus extraordinary warmth or cold will stretch out the life and attempt to keep it about half full when not utilizing for significant lots so you won't pressure the cells. Make an effort not to give it a chance to summary to zero, since that is extremely hard on the cell science.

Working this bicycle is natural and quick. When the battery has been charged, simply hold the elastic M catch close to the highest point of the presentation board. This turns it on and furthermore enables you to burn through menus. There are two additional catches underneath the presentation that enable you to bolt up for more power or down for less. You can even ride with no help by utilizing level zero, and this is convenient for running the lights on the off chance that you about drain the pack or simply need some activity or slower riding. The showcase is negligible and pretty, however at this point in 2019 it is the main piece of the bicycle that is looking dated (and not positively) as it is increasingly fundamental. Likewise, it isn't removable. On the off chance that you forget it in the sun and downpour, it should hold up really well, however it may get scratched or exhausted after some time at open bicycle racks. This isn't unprecedented, most ebike presentations are not removable, a lot to my mistake. In any case, much the same as the strung engine connector, brake lines, and controller link, it's possible simple to supplant and support. That is on the grounds that Vintage Electric did not course their links and brake lines inside through the casing. This may have been a quality choice (the bicycle is appraised at 300 lbs versus most others at only 250 lbs) or perhaps it was only for openness and tuning access. Whatever the reason, I feel that the links still avoid the way and look great. I like that they rand them underneath the downtube versus on the top cylinder. This is a bicycle that could without much of a stretch swing from numerous vehicle and open vehicle racks. You won't catch the links while riding or lifting the casing and that is incredible.

When it is altogether said and done, the Scrambler truly conveys. The presentation is excessively high and is complimented well by the weight, security, and highlights that convey it well. Also, the plan tasteful makes it like a show-stopper. Be that as it may, no bicycle is without tradeoffs, so its best on the off chance that we notice a portion of those here. Its an obvious fact that that battery truly isn't going anyplace, so don't hope to get it the workplace and energize it in the middle of rides. The kickstand and charging port are both close to the wrench arm, so the charge link could be yanked if the pedals get knock and the kickstand could get pedal lock when attempting to switch. In any case, most likely the greatest tradeoff is the presentation. It is insignificant which is an or more, yet numerous bicycles, particularly very electrical fit ones like this with regenerative braking and 36mph top speed, have further shows. You see things like shading shows, battery rates which speculate work of precisely what amount is left, profound plunge menus for settings, and even cell phone joining and applications. Be that as it may, to Vintage Electric's credit, they are continually updating and improving, so I wouldn't be shocked to see such highlights later on. They additionally offer a multi year guarantee on both mechanical and electrical parts so you are in safe hands. I truly need to say thanks to Vintage for giving me a chance to look at the Scrambler, it was a huge amount of fun!

As usual, I welcome inquiries and input in the remark segment beneath. Regardless of whether you possess a past variant of the bicycle, have stepped through an exam ride, or are pristine to the space, I will probably give a goal and legit asset. You can likewise join the Vintage Electric ebike discussions and offer your very own photographs, recordings, and survey updates to help other people! Have a ton of fun out there, and ride safe :)


The majority of the Vintage Electric e-bicycles look delightful, and despite the fact that I never hustled a scrambler style cruiser, I can feel the sentimentality and value the masterful nature of this bicycle, it's competent yet additionally exceptional in its very own privilege

Sturdier, nearly bike grade, equipment was utilized to construct this electric bicycle including a 12 mm back pivot and 20 mm through hub at the front, more extensive 50 mm edges with 14 measure spokes in the front and extra-thick 12 check spokes in the back, and a custom Aluminum combination outline, I was informed that it's appraised to 300 lbs yet I'm getting it can hold considerably more than that whenever utilized on gentle landscape

Since you can really race this thing, the "race mode" key opens higher accelerates to 36mph for rough terrain use

The transformed suspension fork looks extreme and offers expanded quality contrasted with most customary suspension equipment I have checked on, more weight is kept unsprung with an upset stun and this one has some pressure and bounce back change in accordance with suit the territory, your ride style, and your weight

Note the calfskin complements at the top segment of the fork between the twofold crown mounts, these shield the cylinders from defacing the side of the casing where it says "Vintage Electric" when you turn sharp or park the bicycle

Premium Promax Lucid water driven circle brakes offer the halting force required for fast riding and a heavier form, the 203 mm front rotor will accomplish the greater part of the work, cool rapidly due to the size, and give a mechanical preferred position over the 180mm back plate brake rotor

The Promax arrangement here is clever regenerative breaking, implying that it will never overload or harm the battery, it works pleasantly and you get more power back than with different ebikes since this is heavier and offers additionally moving obstruction

The back bumper is durable, does not shake when riding on harsh territory, and adds a sprinkle of style to the bicycle since it's paint coordinated, it will likewise prop your back cleaner when up rough terrain

The engine on this bicycle is genuinely amazing, it offers solid increasing speed for climbing, a special recovery highlight (when you press the red catch on the left) and can go up to 36mph on the off chance that you get the race mode stick yet generally agrees to the 750 watt 20mph Class 2 guideline for low speed electric bikes

For the individuals who appreciate pedal enacted help, you get a torque detecting pedal help highlight which could be a perfect alternative for those with touchy wrists or fingers who simply need to ride like a conventional bicycle

OK weight conveyance, the bicycle might be overwhelming however at any rate the battery box is mounted low and focus on the edge, this improves taking care of and keeps the casing hardened contrasted with e-bicycles with back rack batteries

You get a 6 LED yellow front light with wire work for that ideal look and in the back you have 5 LED red lights, the two lights are programmed which I adore since they turn on and off in low conditions with no complain

The battery is greatly huge at 48v 23.5ah, right around an unbelievable blend in the customary ebike world, this will offer fabulous range in the typical modes and in the event that you open the bicycle to higher top speed, it will at present give you not too bad range to have a fabulous time, instead of simply single digit miles that the other quicker bicycles would do

The engine is exceptionally peaceful and tough, these gearless center point engines don't have any scouring inside, and when utilized with an unadulterated sine wave converter controller (which Vintage Electric uses) they feel smooth and don't buzz, they even balanced the product to decrease cogging when the bicycle is fueled on


I referenced quality as a professional, however the tradeoff is weight, and this electric bicycle is a lot heavier than normal at 86lbs, the powerful engine and additional enormous battery pack with custom packaging contribute a great deal

The heavier a bike is, the harder it as a rule is to pedal, and this thing just has one rigging?! It's arrangement much more like a sulked than something you'd need to pedal oftentimes, particularly with the less-productive bumpy tires

The kickstand looks decent and is durable yet practically, leaves a great deal to be wanted, it isn't movable length and the end will in general sink into delicate landscape, it is situated close to one side wrench arm and can impact when down (like in the event that you back the bicycle up with it conveyed on the grounds that the wrenches turn in reverse)

Minor con here, considering this is arrangement progressively like a bike regarding style, yet there is just one edge measure and the high-advance top cylinder could make it hard to mount and remain over for a few… be that as it may, it's a lot lighter and simpler to deal with than a genuine bike

The presentation board fails to impress anyone, fresher showcases have things like shading shows, battery rates which speculate work of precisely what amount is left, profound plunge menus for settings, and even cell phone reconciliation and applications, where is this is progressively fundamental

Estimated at generally $7k, this is one of the more costly choices out there, yet it's certainly one of a kind and significantly more dominant than the standard items

The battery isn't effectively evacuated, so you are limited fundamentally to charging on the bicycle no one but, which could be a hinderance for those that desire they could take the battery and charge it inside the workplace

The back light is directly under the seat, so on the off chance that you had a coat or rucksack on, you could without much of a stretch spread it obstructing the perceivability


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