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In case you're considering flying into Lake Tekapo for multi day and taking off, I'm trusting this post will change your arrangements…

There are bounty a greater number of activities in Lake Tekapo than a basic preview of the dark blue waters and afterward proceeding onward to the following spot.

I wound up adventuring around Lake Tekapo for three days and had my hair whipping outside of a 4×4 Defender through private valleys tucked into the Southern Alps, SUPing over the lake, keeping awake until the early morning and gazing at far away cosmic systems, and having morning climbs to begin my day!

There's some experience to be had here and I trust you get some inspo underneath and remain in the zone somewhat more…

An Adventurer's Guide to Exploring Lake Tekapo



A ride in a 4×4 is fun in its own however a 4×4 in a region where few get the opportunity to go in light of the fact that it's private property and gracious, right, you need your very own 4×4 do really do it also? That is insidious!

Christina and Ben run Tekapo Adventures and offer beautiful 4WD driving visits out and around Lake Tekapo and Lake Pukaki and the views.are.epic.

While you won't get the chance to drive the 4WD yourself (I SOO needed to), you'll get the opportunity to drape your head out the window with your jaw on the floor at the landscape. You'll make little pitstops at old cottages that were utilized (and still are) as winter covers, stops at mind boggling perspectives, and visit ranch creatures and give them pats on the head.

Seeing adorable creatures is an unquestionable requirement activity in TekapoLake Tekapo strolls will take you to charming animalsLake Tekapo is loaded with wild magnificence

Cautioning: There will be delightful sheep, ponies, a neighborly goat, and even a deer that thinks its a buffalo conceivably included. The creature adorableness over-burden is a genuine peril here!

They offer three visits, and I had the joy of attempting two of them.

The Braemar Station visit is quite great. You'll bounce over to Lake Pukaki and quickly get astounding perspectives over the reasonable light blue lake right to Mount Cook, the nation's most elevated mountain, totally glaciated and glimmering in the sun.

4WD is unquestionably among top activities in Lake TekapoBraemar visit resembles seeing Middle East in Lake PukakiLake Pukaki on Braemar visit must be on your rundown of what to do in Lake Tekapo

Bunches of creature adoring (think goats, sheep, and ponies), a chance to plunge a toe (or more) in the water (in case you're courageous enough) and snow-topped mountains out there.

The Cass Valley ride is more courageous, takes you through different waterway intersections and makes them look out of the window over a bluff as the 4WD stealthily moves over green and rough meadows.

See this solitary cabin in Cass Valley!Cass Valley visit is an incredible activity in Lake Tekapo

The perspectives here are similarly as dazzling as the Braemar visit, BUT it resembles you're in another nation. Ben looks at it to something that you would perhaps find in the Middle East. This is boondocks New Zealand, a scene you wouldn't picture here.

The scene is somewhat desolate and desert-like. The mountains are covered in bushes and dim sand, and there's scarcely an ice sheet in sight. Contrasting this with the other visit, you're in an alternate nation however truly, only a couple of miles away.

Which would you ride through?

Extra indicates Ben who has an abundance of information of South Island. He has some great proposals for the remainder of your movements!


You've been gazing at this lake for a long time, shouldn't you like, ya know, go out there? The appropriate response is indeed, on the off chance that it wasn't self-evident! There's a solitary desolate little truck on the shoreline with SUPs and kayaks, that is the person to go to.

SUP at Lake Tekapo

Pick your fun floaty gadget and oar away onto the smooth blue lake that apparently never closes once you're on it. There are a couple of rock shorelines en route to stop at for a break or a tidbit.


Light contamination is so unmistakable in our live's nevertheless you'd never know it until you ventured outside the city. You never truly understand the amount of the night sky you're passing up until you're in a spot on the planet where light contamination doesn't exist.

Lake Tekapo is one of those spots, and it's nothing unexpected it's a standout amongst the best territories for stargazing.

Silver River is a fantastic decision for a couple of reasons. In the first place, they are presumably the most reasonable stargazing visit in the zone. Furthermore, second, their gatherings are little, and you're amidst no place making a considerably darker condition and free from gaggles of visit gatherings.

Prepare to break your neck, since you're going to search up for over an hour at the awesome sky you've just found in pictures. While the stars and the Milky Way sparkle splendid, nothing looks at to getting a depiction of them. Just our cameras can retain the additional light that our eyes can't, making a significantly increasingly mysterious scene.

Stargazing the Milky Way is an epic activity in TekapoStargazing is a standout amongst the most famous activities in Tekapo

They have a huge and amazing telescope for you to friend considerably closer into the star bunches, heavenly bodies, and clouds over our heads.

They are additionally turning out with an astrophotography visit, which is excessively energizing. They gave me a little sneak look, and I'd support anybody keen on photography to give that visit a shot once it's accessible.

There's additionally stargazing visits at the Mount John Observatory which should be similarly as extraordinary, with a couple of additional advantages, yet it is more costly.


Stargazing visits begin LATE! So drink some espresso in case you're in any way similar to me so you don't miss it. My visit was at 12:45 am and there's another beginning after 2 am. These are the best occasions to stargaze so simply remember this when booking.

Check the moon plan! No, I haven't gone full hippy on you folks, this is an authentic thing to check before coming to Lake Tekapo for stargazing. The less moon out the better. The moon makes light, so a full moon is nearly as awful as having the sun out. Plan in like manner.


4. Promontory WALKWAY

This simple trail was a fantastic method to wake up! I trudged up and on my way into town, I ceased off to do this 3-mile climb promising extraordinary perspectives. While this is certainly not a well known activity in Lake Tekapo, I believe that is even more motivation to go.

Lake Tekapo Peninsula Hike

It's a generally level walk almost the whole way and offers you some lake view from the center (everything else is situated at the base of the lake) and gives you a more intensive take a gander at Motuariki Island.

I saw an aggregate of two individuals on the trail, and during the correct season, you may get the opportunity to stroll through a field of wonderful sprouting lupins, this is for the most part among November and January.


This is presumably the most prominent activity in Lake Tekapo, and no one should pass up this climb. This is likely the most ideal approach to get a general perspective on the lake from up top too so on the off chance that you need to truly observe that smooth blue lake in the majority of its greatness, this is the climb in Tekapo to do it!

It begins from the stopping territory at Tekapo Springs. Try not to be enticed to go to the trail on the correct when taking a gander at Tekapo Springs, begin climbing to one side. When you climb beginning from the left, you'll be strolling tough through a timberland, it's somewhat steep, yet nothing insane.

The reason you like to go as such is that you need a large portion of your tough strolling to be in the shade. Your climb is going to get completely uncovered, so exploit the shade while you can.

As you get through the woodland, you'll stroll up certain means, and after that go directly on the trail. This is the place the perspectives begin!

Investigate everybody above you at the Observatory while you're grinding away and give them a wave. They just took a visitor transport, or drove themselves and paid a toll to basically get a similar view, only a couple of feet higher. You're getting it for nothing, getting somewhat of a work out in, and managing less individuals around you.

With regards to lake tekapo strolls Mount John is the most popular.Mount John Trail is likely the most prevalent activity in Lake Tekapo

I'd state you're winning!

From here, the climb is generally simple, and you'll be strolling with Lake Tekapo the entire route down. You may see others strolling the other way and that is on the grounds that they went the manner in which I let you know not to go.

They will be route sweatier than you, huffing and puffing, and possibly vomiting!? That's right, saw a young lady who turned lobster, was vomiting and needed to take a break… And she wasn't most of the way yet.

This climb is justified, despite all the trouble! So get those climbing shoes on. While it's evaluated as a moderate climb, it's more on the simple moderate side. It's a 8 km/5 miles in length circle that is completely uncovered (read: wear sunscreen!).


This is a speedy and simple 1-2 hour climb nearby that ideas up some extraordinary perspectives straight down Lake Tekapo. It's a circle however with minor bypasses as choices en route.



I simply missed them! Those fortunate enough to touch base among November and January will find the opportunity to see fields of lupins blossoming—those magnificently long and cushioned looking purple plants.

Simply swing by this spot for a free review simply off the street, it's a speedy simple stop while you're finding a few undertakings the region.


I was here in summer so I didn't have the joy of seeing snow, in spite of the fact that that sounds like it would be a supernatural time to be here (and yet, I got the opportunity to wear a bathing suit on the lake, so did I REALLY pass up a major opportunity?)

Practice your snow abilities around Lake Tekapo at two areas:

Mount Dobson Ski Area

Roundhill Ski Area


This may not be bold but rather in the wake of climbing, paddle boarding, and remaining up throughout the night watching stars, you might need to loosen up a bit in hot and cold pools with a view. Tekapo Springs has both of those, a steam and sauna room, and even spa bundles.

For those in a campervan, you can treat yourself somewhat here as I did and swim only a couple of yards from Lake Tekapo and the sun-soaked and dry peaks just before you.

The entrance to the pools is sensibly estimated and I had the option to utilize the shower there before I removed (a huge advantage for us living in a van).

For the individuals who need to utilize their time astutely and complete two things on the double, you can really swim in these pools during the evening and go stargazing in the meantime! Whaaaaat. Truly!

Lake Tekapo

Lake Tekapo layers


For any explorers and people on a financial limit, probably the least expensive beds you can discover are at Lake Front Lodge Backpackers. It's strategically placed on the lake, which is near the SUP and kayak stand, a portion of the climbs, and Tekapo Springs as well.

Simply nearby to that is Lake Tekapo Motel and Holiday Park which is the place I stopped my van for the evening. The area couldn't be any better and it had every one of the conveniences a campervanner would need. A kitchen, drinking water, clothing, and hot showers! They do have lodges and rooms also.

Another property likewise found appropriate on Lake Tekapo is Pepper Bluewater Resort. For anybody needing to treat themselves a bit or needing a legitimate lodging, this is an extraordinary spot to get precisely that! It's situated on the lake and close everything else around the local area as well.

For campers, there's a minimal effort campground just a little ways from Lake Tekapo called Lake McGregor Campsite. It's $10 per individual to stop here with basic restrooms and sinks. Useful for a shabby one night remain. I stopped here one night also. (Bring accurate change!)

Marino sheep in Lake Tekapo

The cutest and creepiest picture of Merino sheep at any point taken.


Remember your sunscreen. I turned lobster since I didn't reapply, suppose I didn't put any on?

Carry your coats and layers to go stargazing! It gets freezing during the evening, even in summer.

Rooms and even campervan destinations book over here in high season. You might need to book a room half a month or even a long time ahead of time and for campervanners, I'd recommend arriving somewhat right on time to campgrounds. I took one of the last spots at the occasion park and I was there around early afternoon! (You can go in and purchase the spot, at that point investigate for the day as I did!)

For a more spending plan amicable territory or if things are reserved out, the adjacent town of Fairlie isn't excessively far, check there for spots to remain.

Watch out for school occasions and different occasions. In the event that it books out now and then on a standard end of the week, it's certainly going to book out during those occasions as well.

Which of these activities in Lake Tekapo would you say you are adding to your agenda? Tell us in the remarks!


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